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ChatGPT & Midjourney | AI bot

2023-02-19 18:06:25


Telegram Bot Screen


The bot allows you to access GPT 3.5 and Midjourney, to generate text and images

Support: @i_abramov_gpt


Hi! This bot allows you to access OpenAI products, such as GPT and Dall-E, to generate text and images.

Here you can perform a wide variety of natural language tasks, such as:

1. Copywriting and rewriting

2. Summarization

3. Parsing unstructured text

4. Translation

5. Chat

You can ask questions in any language. However, the most accurate and exciting responses seem to be in English.

Be aware of the limitations:

1. May occasionally generate incorrect information

2. Limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021

To generate an image, start your request with '/image' and then your text.

To delete your context, send a command from the menu /deletecontext.

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