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2023-01-27 09:42:27


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Real time translation of both parties to their native language.


LanTranBot will assist you and friends to translate messages using the DeepL API. Either in private chat (through the bot), or in group chats.

Welcome !!

As a first time user, please read the following carefully :

The LanTranBot operates in 2 different modes. Either in private chat or in group chat.
In private chat, either party can talk in their own language and the bot will do the translations.
In group chat, you can set a group language, and any text sent will be translated into that language.

More info can be found at https://lanhq.ddns.net/lantran
To use this bot in private chats, please forward /connect_5663667741 to your contact who can then use this in their private chat with the bot.

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