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Telegram Group & Channel DataBase

For you to find and join telegram group or channel.

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2023-01-23 13:43:02


Telegram Bot Screen


Manybot lets you create your own bots. Send messages, create custom commands and menus. Press Send message to begin


🚀 Create bots
/addbot - create a new broadcast bot

📢 Posting
/newpost - send a post to your subscribers
/subscribers - see how many subscribers you have

🔧 Bot Settings
/botlang - set up your bot language
/setdescription - change the description of your bot
/autoposting - set up autoposting from Twitter, YouTube, VK, RSS
/admins - manage admins of your bots

📚 Instructions
/tutorials - discover how to create and manage your bots

💢 Other
/lang - set Manybot's language
/deletebot - delete bot
/help - see all available commands

Have further questions? You can always reach us at [email protected]

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