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Bogged Bot

2022-12-24 18:11:41


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Website: boggedfinance


Bogged token Price and Alerts bot is a tool that makes DeFi trading and analytics more accessible to users wishing to track token information. For example, chat members want to monitor the price of a token they’ve invested without leaving your community. By using a token price bot, they can simply request this information from a popular messaging app such as Telegram or Discord, and the information is immediately sent back in the form of an easy-to-digest message

Token price and buy alerts bots are favored by all token teams with small or large Telegram groups, as community members can quickly hop in and get up-to-date data without registering their own bots. The displayed price action and resulting discussion has been shown to be a massive boost to community engagement in groups.

The Bogged Token Price Bot is one of the most popular price bots available on Telegram, with over 5.5M unique users. It is free of any ads and has no costs to use.

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