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Telegram released the last update end of 2022. Introduction to the six major updates of this version

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps you can download. It does offer a wealth of features and easily ranks in our top 5. It releases frequent and useful updates to enhance user experience. Just when you thought you could sit back and start sending New Year wishes to friends and family, Telegram has announced its last update for 2022.

Six major updates in this version

1) Blur text and media files in chat

Perhaps one of the main features of the new version is a new effect that allows users to blur text and media files in chats to prevent potential spoilers. This effect adds a
effect when applied, which can only be removed with a single click.

2) Automatically delete cached media

Users can also keep apps clutter-free by gaining more control over the storage space apps use. The app will offer
separate settings for automatically deleting cached media for private chats, groups, and channels
and a new pie chart to more easily visualize storage usage.

3) Improved its drawing and text tools

Telegram has improved its drawing and text tools in this release, adding dynamically changing widths to lines while drawing, and now smoothing line edges. While the new blur tool is handy, the eye dropper tool allows users to be more precise when selecting colors.

4) Provide more customization tools to describe images

In addition, there will be more customization when adding information to photos, such as different fonts, font sizes, shapes, and even custom animated emojis can be added. And if that wasn't enough, users can now freely choose a profile photo for their contacts, offering an even higher level of customizability. You can even suggest a profile photo to your contacts, which might be fun.

5) More group security settings and functions

Users will also get an extra layer of protection with the update, including a new profile photo setting, the ability to hide member lists for group chats with more than 100 members, and even adding progress animations to better indicate when jumping to old messages or messages in chat middle. picture.

6) Interactive emoticons

Finally, interactive emoji are getting some new effects that fill the entire screen. Additionally, premium members should see new emoji packs.

If you've never tried Telegram, give it a try, it's an eye-opening experience compared to other chat apps.

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