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Project Veritas


2021-05-06 11:48:55




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Download Group for telegram from  AppStore or PlayStore


Project Veritas Official Channel - Contact us [email protected]
Signal: 914-653-3110


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2021-10-28 18:09:04liusjames224


2021-10-05 05:03:34gee

it wont let me join. the server is doen and it wont send me a code

2021-10-05 04:09:33spitfire509

wont let me join

2021-09-24 00:42:46Jenn

I cannot join states address not valid?

2021-09-23 23:29:16rosanna

it wont let me join the group

2021-09-23 07:58:04cl

wont let me join group

2021-09-22 03:25:36Dennis Austin

thank god for telegram wouldnt want to lose access to Veritas. been following Okeefe since the RedEye days

2021-09-21 19:13:26laura

it wont let me join the group

2021-09-19 13:21:45Roxy Dash


2021-09-19 09:09:10rose

I’m available for all fun kindly text me on my cell (912) 417-6524 get back to me on text HMU