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Dr. Christina Parks


2021-09-18 14:00:43





Health and Freedom Information


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2021-10-11 10:39:34Caralotta Jackson

i am 66 yr. old female that took 1 dose of Moderna, 6 days later my arm broke out in a rash and i had shortness of breath. i need to be fully vaccinated to go back to work. i will not take the 2 dose. my Dr. adviced me to take the johnson & johnson. i am afraid because my hypertension uncontrollable and type 2 diabetes. 1/2020 Rite Aid gave me a wrong drug and i have been sodium sensitive and most of the hypertension i have an allergic reaction. i am scared. i need to go back to work. Thank y

2021-10-01 13:50:28jackie

Thank you. we truly thank God for you. There are so many evil people and Organizations in this world. Even though youre in this world, youre not of this world! Thank you