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Vaccines Uncovered


2021-08-24 15:20:36




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I’m back. IG deleted my page of 140K followers, along with the thousands of vaccine injury stories. It’s time to hit the ground running. Spread the word.


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2021-08-25 02:29:24LV

I recieved the pfizer injection in 3/9/21 because I was in a rehabilitation / nursing home. within a few hours....... say 2 to 3-1/2 hours later I started to feel EVERY SINGLE PAIN in my body escalate. I was in the facility for many reasons but the main point was for C-5 paulsy becsuse my nerve was accidentally stretched so my right arm was useless. Well 2 days later it started working out of nowhere...I was like COOL well thats when the horror started, on/off paralysis of my larynx & more.