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Donald Trump Jr


2021-01-18 06:40:34




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EVP of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization, Father, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
Son of Former President of the United States Donald J. Trump.



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2022-12-29 07:53:27Trump going to jail

Your daddy is going down just like your statistics!

2022-07-25 16:33:32am rose Sandra

looking for serious relationship

2022-01-06 10:30:08Jasmine

Big Trump

2021-11-20 05:19:13Celeste

Id like to join this group

2021-11-16 02:34:05tigist


2021-10-25 07:37:03Chode

little dick

2021-10-18 04:15:09Ram Bunktious

Dude your gf Kimberley is looking ragged. Way past her use by date. Dump that old hag and move on to something fresh. Just sayin.

2021-10-18 04:05:11rudy

junior, you are a pathetic excuse for a man.

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2021-08-31 00:38:22Lisa

Id like to join this group.

2021-08-01 16:36:44perky

trump is the man with the plan

2021-07-07 10:46:58Great Platform