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WeDream NFT Space


2022-05-26 02:08:54




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Download Group for telegram from  AppStore or PlayStore


We are here to talk about our WeDream Founders Pass NFT and the NFT Space in general. We have a 1k collection that will be Minting soon and want to spread the word about our rising NFT community.


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2022-06-02 00:44:29Dyllock

Good info

2022-05-27 22:52:28Jacktlfg

So excited for this project! Cant wait for their mint. On their channel they give real, helpful info. Love it. LFG

2022-05-26 03:21:12CryptoLVR

Very high potential NFT. Its minting really soon and they love to do giveaways. Highly recommend subscribing to this channel

2022-05-26 03:10:30Nftwiz

Such a great informational channel for nfts and has giveaways to get on their WL