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Trump Supporters Channel 🇺🇸


2021-01-13 05:44:17




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Supporters of the greatest President of our lifetimes, real_DonaldJTrump!


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2021-08-06 17:11:50SW

looks like u r tanking.

2021-08-06 17:00:44sharon. stay safe.

did you take my telegram site away? if so, NP, eas hoing to do it tomorrow. know you are busy, but friends are hard to find. Need a break from your disrespect. see ya, you are so cheap. all i wanted was to see a rally, since i dont want to go anymore, going to stop paying for NOTHING, mistook u as a friend. think about what i said. bye, SW

2021-06-27 06:26:46Anita Smith

What time will Trump be appearing tonight?

2021-06-22 23:16:05NEWBY


2021-06-20 05:05:29smith


2021-06-18 13:29:14PP. Amen

Nice Group