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America First Audits Education


2021-07-17 23:53:09




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Welcome to America First Audits. We are American Patriot owned and have joined together to Keep America First. Our mission is to unite and educate Patriots on forensic Audits in America and State Election Integrity.


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2021-09-05 04:23:02Is Mike Moran

I like what you are doing I wish we could make Virginia a Republican state

2021-08-30 08:32:17@Brahmingee123

my safari is unavailabe

2021-08-27 08:26:11Shawn

May god be with all who are fighting for justice and thank you

2021-08-21 05:14:13[email protected]

Replying to Lance Walnau who said to check your site out. We need to have truth and be willing to go the distance to get it.

2021-08-14 05:47:55lucian

I had to down load and sign up for Telegram Messenger in order to access the America First Audits. This was very confusing. I found my State on there, but Im not sure what this app does, other than show the graph.

2021-08-13 05:55:03AL Sandoz

How do I join??

2021-08-07 09:57:18Bob

How does one join,?

2021-08-05 01:30:27Mark Olay

How do I join a channel? Ridgway, PA 15853

2021-08-03 22:24:22Wayne

Thank you for doing this. We need to stop the Democrats from stealing our country - We need to stop their plans as stated by Dick Durbin before the country becomes an irreversible socialist state. What can we do? It\s time for 1776 again

2021-08-03 01:46:11[email protected]


2021-08-01 01:37:5121ST CENTURY PATRIOT

i am new to this form of social media and i am lost

2021-07-31 12:46:04mars

I am in for the fight