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The Professor's Record


2021-07-14 05:16:42




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Official telegram channel for Professor David K. Clements

Main: t.me/theprofessorsrecord
Chat: t.me/theprofessorsrecordchat

Arbitration room to reenter chat: https://t.me/joinchat/2rLjfmMW8pM5MmIx


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2021-08-12 08:08:07allison

am available for hook up message me

2021-07-18 05:20:39matthew

are there americas first audits for NY or NJ

2021-07-14 06:13:57katherine pennington

i found were to join but they have restricted me from making any comments ..........my question is why?? on America Audit chats

2021-07-14 06:06:19katherine Pennington

i was looking for.......... America First Audits for Louisiana.......i have never used telegram before ....please help me!