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Donald J. Trump


2021-05-06 08:48:46





Uncensored posts from the Office of Donald J. Trump

Reserved for the 45th President of the United States


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2021-08-01 01:49:5521ST CENTURY PATRIOT

we are with you 100% you have taught this country how and once again to fight

2021-07-30 05:30:46john

how you friends

2021-07-26 19:36:25hello am sandra single

text me on telegram

2021-07-26 07:23:41jessica willis

im a nice gir hangouts [email protected] whatsapp -+1(251)999-6541

2021-07-21 08:57:12jeny

biden for life

2021-07-06 12:59:50@UlieG

Thankyou for answering Gods call, praying the blood of Jesus over you and yours, the Holy Spirit continue to fill you with discernment and wisdom, and guard you with His warrior Angels , in His name amen

2021-07-06 09:15:03chycks

thank the good lord Biden is president

2021-07-04 00:37:17helen

we need the media to go away so people can stop hearing the fake lies and let them grow up and understand we the people have been controlled and lied too. media is keeping americans blind. tell them the truth and move on to fixing America.

2021-07-01 01:25:46order needs to be made

he needs to fix what biden is doing trump for president

2021-06-26 23:17:36Brenda Savaria

bring him back ASAP. love and miss this man.

2021-06-18 00:57:42Love Trump!