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2023-10-09 06:14:10




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2024-06-10 06:17:55drey

thanks for everything, most legit plug here

2024-06-10 06:17:54drey

thanks for everything, most legit plug here

2024-02-26 08:28:41James

Touchdown bro
Thanks again for everything

2024-02-16 15:38:26Fred

You the goat bro ,making you my steady plug and imma send my boys your way .

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You still got the G20?? Imma need that asap bro

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Yo bro i need the $3k balance cloned cards ,my home boy sucessfully cashed out from his own .

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Touchdown king

2024-01-26 06:32:36TJ

Thanks for the extra packs boss i appreciate .

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Touchdown king,i never doubted you since from the begining Jay .Coming for the $2000 pound next .

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Your cloned cards are the best bro ,everything worked out perfectly well

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