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2023-07-02 09:02:33




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2023-12-27 15:25:44Steve

Thanks for been so good and trusting

2023-12-25 04:20:00Magic Shroomary

Best Shrooms on the web. Serving US

2023-12-25 04:18:34Magic Shroomary

Best shrooms on internet. Serving US

2023-09-24 00:22:30Brandon

Great place so far. Weed is great, along with to the daily deals and bundles worth checking out if you are a stoner like me.

2023-09-24 00:20:26Elle Gregory

I always love ordering from these guys because their bundle prices are a better deal than anywhere I’ve seen. Lots of selection, and real quick shipping to the east coast. The single downside is that there’s a $150 free shipping, which isn’t horrible, but I always seem to come up just shy of.

2023-09-24 00:19:18Arthur McGraham

Great service that has an amazing selection. Although this would be a 5 star if they did not damage (just some flattening) buds with their vacuum sealer. just remember 4 stars is still an amazing review I am just personally looking for somewhat \collectors\ quality where everything is \perfect\.

2023-09-24 00:17:26Nelson Todd

I ordered a large order of your CBD gummy‘s, enough to last me a year. When I ordered it indicated that I would receive a free gift which I did not get it instead you sent me a coupon for my next order. Nowhere did it state that I would get a coupon for future orders, it read that with this current order I would Receive a free gift. I spent $150, the order was correct and promptly received without the free gift other than the coupon. To me that is not what was stated on the order sheet.

2023-09-24 00:14:51Wilson

I\m very pleased with both the quality and potency of the apple fritter strain as well as the iced vapes

2023-09-24 00:11:38Steven

Bought 14 grams of golden monkey extracts distillate and it was fantastic. Order came quickly in a nicely displayed box. Will definitely will be a returning customer after my first experience.

2023-09-24 00:09:49Carly

Such a quick and easy way to order. Decent prices and good product. So happy I was recommended this dispensary. Will continue using it!

2023-09-15 08:32:52Marryross

Thanks for promoting me toba channel group