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Amir Tsarfati


2021-06-08 09:17:31




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Teaching | Media | News
Husband, Father, Christ Follower, Bestselling Author, Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, Founder and President of Behold Israel.


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2022-10-06 03:44:34Barbara Christenson

I cant get anywhere. Dont know what I am doing wrong!!!

2022-10-02 01:34:57Barbara Christenson

thank you for news with a Biblical lens. I ve Israel. Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim!!!!!

2022-09-26 01:31:29Track refund


2022-09-21 14:43:45M23trading.com


2022-08-10 00:01:04Cindy Simmons

Hi Amir! Me and my closest friends are reading Revealing Revelation right now and doing the study workbook with it! Its AMAZING! Thank you for the book!

2022-08-09 03:43:25roxie

i cant join it said adress invalid!

2022-08-03 08:33:45Matk H

Safari can’t open it, past this opening page. What’s up?

2022-08-03 08:13:50Dennis O

very disappointed I was trying to get your telegram updates on things happening around the world. All I got was a way to send messages, not what I wanted, can you help.

2022-07-28 08:38:33Donna N

I hate that both your sessions in the DFW area (September) sold out before I got the message a second session had been opened. I was traveling and not keeping up with notices. I hope you will put it on Rumble or YouTube. I really enjoy listening to you.

2022-07-28 08:35:09Donna N

I so enjoy your sermons as well as your Happening Now segments. I especially enjoy anything you have done Charlie Kirk or Amir Tsarfati.

2022-07-13 10:10:26stella


2022-07-08 12:50:56Never saw preview channel.

Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid , after all the steps done to join!