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Amir Tsarfati


2021-06-08 09:17:31




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Husband, Father, Christ Follower, Bestselling Author, Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, Founder and President of Behold Israel.


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2022-12-30 10:26:10Darrell deel

I cant get app to open it says pinvalid address please help me get on

2022-12-18 12:34:31Cathy knutson

So Happy that Amir gives us the latest updates ,so we can share with others 🤗

2022-12-18 01:56:41Debi Ladd

I just joined your page on telegram group and it seems to be a bit difficult to use. I will keep trying, but it cuts off after a couple minutes into your post. Am I doing it wrong?

2022-11-16 14:20:56Marilyn Stokes

I enjoy Amir’s teaching so much!

2022-11-16 00:56:38Angeilna wells

Im up for hookup

2022-11-16 00:56:38Angeilna wells

Im up for hookup

2022-10-23 03:07:55Cindy Simmons

Hello Amir, I have follow you on all of your social media channels. You have opened my eyes to many things I never learned growing up in church. I live your sermons, and I also love Mike. I have a bible study group and we have done two of your studies with your books. They are great! You inspired me to make a prayer journal and put it on Amazon! Check it out if you would like! I have only sold 55 copies so you would have to search it by my name. Prayers for your continued safety!❤️

2022-10-06 03:44:34Barbara Christenson

I cant get anywhere. Dont know what I am doing wrong!!!

2022-10-02 01:34:57Barbara Christenson

thank you for news with a Biblical lens. I ve Israel. Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim!!!!!

2022-09-26 01:31:29Track refund


2022-09-21 14:43:45M23trading.com


2022-08-10 00:01:04Cindy Simmons

Hi Amir! Me and my closest friends are reading Revealing Revelation right now and doing the study workbook with it! Its AMAZING! Thank you for the book!