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Amir Tsarfati


2021-06-08 09:17:31




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Teaching | Media | News
Believer, Bestselling Author, Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, Founder and President of Behold Israel.


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2022-06-20 09:22:52Gail Ellis

cant seem to get on your channel?

2022-06-14 02:09:45Kim

We truly enjoy watching your videos and following uour updates from telegram. Waiting for the Rapture any day.

2022-06-11 01:17:07Michael Hebert

Plz keep me posted on what is going on Thank You Michael

2022-05-16 08:21:39Sunti Deale

Hi Amir, im from Texas. I finally you on group telegraph but im not seeing anything being posted by you - no current Israel news, Middle East, Russia vs Ukraine, recent news on countries acquiring nukes. Something is not right with this app!

2022-05-14 13:35:44Josh

Hi Amir. Hey on your youtube channel, you tell people to follow you on telegram messanger so I downloaded the app and couldn make heds or tails of it and wondered why I coulnt find you. Well apparently it’s group telegram messenger. You should probably tell people that. In the last update you did you asked why people weren’t following you on telegram and this is probably why in my opinion. Thanks Amir. Thanks for the boots on the ground perspective and willingness to share information.

2022-05-12 23:06:14Nancy Winecoff

What a blessing you are speaking boldly the TRUTH of God’s word and keeping us aware instantly about what is happening around the world and esp. concerninv Israel we were in the dark in so many areas. Thank you for being light to believers in this quickly changing wirld. I pray fof uou, your family and ministry every day

2022-05-11 07:16:23Geo

Thank you for all that you fo in the name of Jesus Christ brother

2022-05-09 02:44:24David l Davidson

Thank you for truth whats going on in israel and the world.

2022-04-28 10:32:31Hang


2022-04-27 06:21:29Benjamin Liam


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2022-03-05 05:24:25Anita

Unable to join. Safari says the address is invalid. Please advise.